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We Know Skincare Routines Are Important, Here’s How To Actually Stick To One

It’s time to make your routine work for you.


Let’s get a show of hands for those of us who have invested in new skincare products, only to use half the bottle or to forget about them completely… leaving them hidden in your bathroom cabinet like they never existed in the first place? You’re not alone, we’ve all been guilty of this from time to time!


But if you’re dedicated to your mission of achieving your dream skin, you’re going to need to make a little bit more of a commitment to getting that glow. We’ve got some tips to make that easier for you, as well as some product recommendations that will reignite your excitement for your skincare regime.


1. Keep your skincare where you can see it

Sounds simple right? But having your favourite products right there where you can see them will prompt you to complete your routine first thing in the morning or as you’re getting ready to go to bed. Try making your bathroom more of a sacred space, instead of just somewhere you get ready. Bring in some nice plants or candles and arrange your products neatly on the counter. Whether you store them in a cute basket or simply a neat row, having them in your eyesight is an easy reminder.

2. Make it a ritual

It’s all about mindset! Treat your skincare routine as a luxurious treat that you can enjoy everyday. Allocating self care time is so important, so why not begin with your skin? Especially with products like our LED Light Therapy Mask, which enables you to perform salon quality treatments in the comfort of your own home! Pop on a podcast or your favourite playlist, lay back and relax while the Mask treats all of your skincare concerns in a mere ten minutes. As a bonus, the added stress relief and relaxation from this quiet time will also contribute positively towards the health of your skin.

3. Simplify the routine

Don’t overcomplicate things - it only makes your routine harder to stick to! Choose simple, hardworking products that complement one another. Instead of a double cleanse, pair our Gel Cleanser with the Cleansing Egg to get the clarifying, deep clean effect. Feel like you don’t have time to wait for a mask to dry? Try our All-In-One Sleeping Mask, which can be worn overnight and does all the hard work for you while you sleep.

4. Break bad habits, make new ones

Once you’re into the swing of things, keep it consistent! It might take a month, or perhaps more… but once you’ve settled into your new routine it will become automatic. You’ll find yourself reaching for your products when the time comes to freshen up, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. This consistency will also help you achieve great results, your skin will thank you for it and this will be reason enough to keep up the good routine!

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