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One Mask - Three Therapeutic Benefits

Your Questions On The Different Light Therapies Answered!

So… What is light therapy?


LED light therapy harnesses the different frequencies that light travels at, with each wavelength manifesting in different colours. When utilised in light therapy, these wavelengths permeate different layers of skin to treat a variety of conditions.


Wavelengths are measured in nanometers (nm), so a higher nm reading will result in deeper penetration to the surface of the skin. Despite the serious sounding description, light therapy is a non-invasive and gentle treatment that has zero downtime, meaning you can achieve your skin goals without any disruption to your day. It has no contra-indications and can be safely used on any skin type or condition!


The Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask offers three different options; Blue Light (460-470nm), Yellow Light (580-590nm) and Red Light (620-630nm). You can concentrate on one light therapy per treatment, or opt for a few instead in order to maximise a variety of benefits. A minimum of ten minutes per day can yield great results, but to see the positive benefits even sooner, try using your favourite setting for twenty minutes per day.

What do the different lights treat?


Blue Light (460-470nm)

Blue light is best utilized to treat acne-prone skin or breakouts, as it kills surface level bacteria hiding in your pores and clears active breakouts. It reduces inflammation and redness, so you can enjoy a marked difference in your skin as soon as possible.


Yellow Light (580-590nm)

Stimulating circulation and red blood cells, the yellow light works a little deeper into the skin to help fight toxins and improve lymphatic function. This light is most beneficial in treating sun damage or pigmentation.


Red Light (620-630nm)

A favourite for treating the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, the red light delivers energy at a cellular level to encourage collagen and elastin production, rejuvenating the skin from within. This is also a good option for improving the overall hydration of the skin.


How should I use the mask?


We believe in working a simple self care ritual into your everyday routine and the LED Light Therapy Mask is the perfect way to do it! Once you have decided on the key results you want to see in your skin, set aside some time to achieve them. We recommend using the Mask just before bed to help relax your body and have the perfect night’s rest (which will also prove beneficial to your skin!). Play your favourite tunes or a podcast episode, or boost your relaxation with a guided meditation.

We recommend using your selected light for a minimum of ten minutes, but to fast-track your results, sit back and relax for twenty! If you’re new to LED Light Therapy, use this treatment three times per week for twelve weeks, or until you’re satisfied with your results. You can then drop back to maintenance frequency by using the mask once or twice per week from then on.


Our LED Light Therapy Mask comes with the Peppy Co 30 Day guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing that this product is a safe bet when it comes to your new skincare routine!

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